There are many reasons horses find themselves at auction; estate sales, interests change, financial burdens, the horse is no longer useful or suitable.


When a horse has little to no background information, has undesirable confirmation, has any imperfection or just doesn't suit any onlookers 'fancy', chances are they are under the watchful eye of "meat buyers". Horse meat is much cheaper than beef. It is also unregulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Horses are shipped inhumanely to China in over crowded containers with no food or water.


Visit the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition for more information.

"We have an incredible passion for horses, and our goal is clear!

We actively strive to RRR (rescue, retrain and rehome)".

The Steady Steed Project is a volunteer project of passion run by equine enthusiast Shaneen Smith out of Quesnel, BC. With over 25 years of combined experiences, actively self taught, with a drive to think outside the box and offer these horses their best chance at finding a forever family.


Our horses are special in their own unique ways. We take the time to carefully assess and place these horses into loving, forever homes. We offer a buy back contract on all our horses. We also offer support to those who may need to rehome their horse for any reason in the unforeseen future.


Money collected from adoption fees from our Steady Steed Horses goes directly toward helping other horses in need.

We are not a registered rescue.

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