Hardy Haskap

Our 1 Year Old Haskap Plants are well-established with their own independent root systems. They are healthy and ready to be put into larger pots or directly into the ground.


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How-To-Care for Haskap


The Blue Honeysuckle Haskap is a 'must have' in any Cariboo garden! They are easy to care for and they will provide years of delicious health benefiting super berries for your and your family year after year!


New berry on the block!

The Haskap is incredibly hardy and survives hostile winters of up to minus 40 to 45, making it ideal for our Cariboo winters. These wonderful berries have incredible health benefits. They are known as “The Fruit of Life Longevity and Fruit of Vision” - and, for good reason. They contain very high levels of bioactive compounds and have the highest Anthocyanin content of any fruit - WOW - take that blueberries! Phenols, Anthocyanins and Bioflavonoids compounds known as antioxidants, are associated with health promoting benefits. They are much higher in vitamin C than oranges, strawberries, and raspberries and offer a punch of minerals including calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and zinc.



People describe these berries as 'addicting' with a very unique flavour of a cross between a blueberry, blackberry, Saskatoon and a raspberry - of course, each variety will have their own unique flavour. We aim to only stock the sweetest Haskap varieties.


Pest Resistant

Haskap are virtually pest free, and have very few known diseases, and, even if your green thumb is not so green, these super berry bushes are very forgiving with their soil pH requirements, which makes these a must have in any garden.

They do not provide instant satisfaction however, you must wait 2 to 3 years before they bear fruit - but we promise the wait is well worth it.


MAY 2022

Boreal Beauty Haskap